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Trees offer numerous benefits related to nature conservation, landscape value, climate buffering, pollution reduction and even human health. However, in today’s environment trees often come into conflict with people or other land uses. Identification of the constraints posed by trees, as well as the benefits they offer can allow sustainable management decisions to be made which take into account the long term needs of the tree, as well as the needs of people.

Operating throughout Scotland, Urban-Arb LLP specialises in all aspects of trees and development, as well as tree surveys and inspections. Our highly qualified and experienced arboriculturists are able to offer specialist advice to clients with regard to trees. Our services include tree surveys and management plans for planning purposes or health and safety reasons, arboricultural impact assessments, method statements, tree constraints and protection plans.

Urban-Arb LLP focuses on providing a high quality arboricultural consultancy service to our clients. We do not engage in arboricultural contracting, training or other services. In this way, our clients can be confident that our recommendations are completely impartial. Our development related work conforms with BS5837:2012 and our expertise along with the use of the latest technology helps us offer the best possible service.

We employ specialist equipment for data gathering such as laser rangefinders and GPS, as well as software such as CAD and GIS - enabling us to produce thorough and professional reports and plans to aide management decisions and planning applications. Using this technology we are able to accurately plot the positions of trees on site, as well as carrying out the required level of tree survey. This capability means that we can work independently from a topographical survey team saving the client both time and money.

In the past we have provided these services to both private individuals and large organisations such as Robertson Homes Ltd, Forestry Commission and Fairhurst.

Urban-Arb LLP understands that customer demands vary widely and we therefore strive to be flexible in our approach to each project in order to offer the best possible service. If you would like to discuss your requirements or for any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Callum McCutcheon

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Principal consultant Callum McCutcheon gained an HNC in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry in 2003 from the Scottish School of Forestry in Inverness, and later graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Arboriculture from the University of Central Lancashire.

He is one of only a few people to hold this level of qualification in Arboriculture in Scotland.

Callum is a professional member of the Arboricultural Association and has 8 years experience as a professional arboriculturist. He has extensive experience in planning and performing tree surveys with a particular emphasis on the 'Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations' (BS5837:2012) , as well as tree hazard assessment and management.

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