Tree Surveys and inspections
We carry out Visual Tree Assessments (VTA) which can identify structural or physiological problems, allowing either further investigation with techniques such as decay detection, or remedial action such as pruning or removal. This type of information allows us to recommend what is the best course of action depending on the individual management requirements and level of risk posed by the tree.

Tree Preservation Order applications/ Conservation areas
In most cases, a formal application must be submitted and approved by the local planning authority before any work can be performed on a tree which is protected by a tree preservation order. Similar protection is also afforded to trees located within conservation areas.

Urban-Arb can carry out a tree survey and recommend any necessary works. We can draw up a clear, detailed work specification which can then form the basis of a tree work application/ notification.

On behalf of the client, we can liaise with both the Local Authority and the client’s chosen arboricultural contractor to help ensure that the application process proceeds as smoothly as possible and that any tree work is carried out in accordance with the approved specification.

Other Services
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