Landowners / Estates Managers

Tree Surveys and inspections
We carry out Visual Tree Assessments (VTA) which can identify structural or physiological problems, allowing either further investigation with techniques such as decay detection, or remedial action such as pruning or removal. This type of information allows us to recommend what is the best course of action depending on the individual management requirements and level of risk posed by the tree.

Zoned Tree Risk Management Plans
This service is specifically aimed at corporate clients and landowners who are obligated under health and safety legislation to safeguard members of the public and/or staff who use their land or premises. Sites such as large country hotels or estates may have extensive grounds with many trees.

There are likely to be areas which are in constant use, as well as other parts of a site which are less used. The level of monitoring required and risk posed therefore differs for each area. Any site can be divided into separate risk zones ranging from high through to low.

A tree risk management plan can be drawn up taking this information into account, allowing future monitoring to be concentrated where it is most needed.

A zoned tree risk management plan enables the owner or manager’s duty of care to be fulfilled as efficiently and economically as possible whilst still maintaining rigorous safety standards for clients, visitors and/or staff.


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